Message from the chairman
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Chairman: Mr. Sun Ruiliang
Greetings to you all! Welcome to visit our Website.
Huarui Group has traveled at double speed all the way with its unremitting struggle over 20 years. It has been observed that the whole staff of Huarui has been supporting the enterprise of Huarui and pushing the continuous development of Huarui.
For many years, we have always followed the mission on ¡°Providing High-quality and Low-cost ¡®Hearts¡¯ of Electric Motors for the World and Creating a Broad Space for Co-building a Nice Homestead of Employees¡± and have dedicated to establishment of our advanced and scientific operation and management system as well as talent system. Huarui has gathered many professional high flyers earnest and responsible in work and capable of effective management. It is such a team that has been the pillar for the yesterday of Huarui at a tottering start, is witnessing the today of Huarui in the ascendant, and moreover will co-create the tomorrow with Huarui hand in hand.
Huarui Group will uphold the corporate spirit of ¡°Credibility, Respect, Cooperation, and Innovation¡± and the operation concept on ¡°Share of Benefits¡±, to provide quality products and services for the manufacturers of automotives and electric motors all over the world.
I firmly believe: Provided that all our Huarui People work with conscientious care, learn with assiduity, think without restraint of style, and create with painstaking effort, to brave the challenges and to go all out in work, we will surely be able to build the Huarui Group into a topping enterprise in the world. Just for this reason, we are full of hopes for and beliefs about future the same as you.
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